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TIME Watches So We Don’t Have to

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Time’s Michael Scherer writes up the GOP debate, and it’s a hoot.   A sample:


–2 minutes. The debate hasn’t started yet, but the crowd is already restless. A mutiny is afoot. CNN may host this thing, but can CNN’s John King control it? “Let’s do the pledge,” shouts out someone in the audience, and then it happens, a spontaneous eruption of patriotism. The candidates hold their hearts onstage. This bodes well for America but poorly for the debate’s orchestrators. Note to cable producers: If you want to calm the GOP rabble in the future, plan for pre-broadcast patriotic odes.


8 minutes. Pawlenty says President Obama is a “declinist,” which interestingly enough became a word in 1988, according to Merriam-Webster, right before a few years of U.S. decline. But Pawlenty is an optimist. “This idea that we can’t have 5% growth in America is hogwash. It’s a defeatist attitude,” he says. In other words, he calls out anyone who calls his hogwash “hogwash” for being full of “hogwash,” which is a strategy familiar to those who remember saying, “I know you are, but what am I?,” on the playground.


Sounds like Scherer nicely judged the participants’ tone and maturity levels.  But read it for yourself and laugh out loud (which is more than you did if you watched the actual debate).



h/t: Jonathan Chait, TNR



The Sarah Palin He Knows

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Documentarian John Ziegler writes about his experiences with the Palin campaign here.  Incredibly, after listing all the horrible and embarrassing confusions that befell him during his time defending Palin, Ziegler comes to this conclusion:


After all, contrary to popular belief, she is incredibly smart. Maybe she’s just getting bad advice from within her increasingly tiny and dysfunctional circle. Or perhaps she thinks it’s all good for her brand—which it probably is.

John: that’s why it’s called judgment.  Hers is poor.  It’s that simple.

Gingrich is Dead Man Walking

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Newt’s top aides quit, including his Iowa staff.  How do you define “dead man walking”?

Palin “Reintroduction” Tour

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The Bitch is trying to get worked up over Sarah Palin’s new house, national tour and movie, but she just can’t.  It’s not that she thinks Palin won’t run.  It doesn’t matter how prepared — or unprepared — a Palin Presidential is — it’s still Palin, and she is a rotten candidate: wacky conservatism aside, she doesn’t bone up on issues, she isn’t disciplined, she wastes time obsessing over slights real or imagined.  You can put lipstick on the pig, and all that.

Chris Cillizza reports:

“There has been zero outreach, zero effort,” said one senior South Carolina strategist of Palin. “Even when she was here for the [Gov. Nikki] Haley endorsement and the book signing, she swooped in [and] swooped out.”

An Iowa operative closely monitoring the 2012 race in the state although unaligned with any candidate echoed that sentiment. “If [Palin] is doing any outreach at all, it would have to be totally under the radar and not with the traditional activist crowd.”

Cillizza also tells us she hasn’t been in New Hampshire since 2008.

The Bitch suspects Palin, if she’s running at all and not just drumming up publicity for her movie, may be counting on the strength of her reinvigorated grassroots, using the movie as her facilitator and the ‘Net as her organizer.  Kinda breakin’ the mold there, breakin’ new ground.  Kinda rogue-ey.  Kinda not. Iowa and New Hampshire voters, especially, view themselves as entitled to kick the candidates’ tires.  They can’t do that if the candidate doesn’t show up.

Unbelievable II

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Here is what House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Heartless, Tactless & Stupid-VA) said about potential federal aid to stricken Joplin, MO:

“If there is support for a supplemental [spending bill; extra FEMA $$], it would be accompanied by support for having pay-fors to that supplemental,” Mr. Cantor, Virginia Republican, told reporters at the Capitol. The term “pay-fors” is used by lawmakers to signal cuts or tax increases used to pay for new spending.

In other words, no extra money for Joplin (estimated tornado damage upwards of $3 billion) without program cuts elsewhere in the federal budget.  ‘Cause the deficit is the Most Important Thing in The World, as the traumatized and grieving residents of Joplin ought to recognize.

Contrast this to what (then) House Majority Leader (and former “Dancing with the Stars” loser) Tom DeLay said in 2005, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

It is right to borrow to pay for it,” he [DeLay] said, adding that cuts could “attack the very economy” that Republicans were trying to bolster. [Emphasis added.]

The Washington Times, one of the two conservative dailies in Washington, DC, from which these quotes were taken, notes approvingly that Eric Cantor “learned” from DeLay’s “lesson.”  Conservatives spanked DeLay for daring to admit the obvious, not to mention the humane, and the appropriate, role of government in a national crisis.

Just for grins, Ryan Witt at proposed five ways Cantor could pay for the Joplin aid (but of course, ideology prevents the good Majority Leader from even thinking such apostasy):

  1. Nix oil company subsidies – $2.5 billion
  2. Allow the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest 2% of Americans to expire – $700 billion (over 10 years)
  3. Accept the Defense Dept.-recommended spending cuts of $78 billion
  4. Allow Americans to purchase the dreaded “public option” which would save $110 billion (over 10 years)
  5. End ethanol subsidies – $5 billion, and could cost the GOP Iowa in the 2012 Presidential….
Note that defunding NPR and Planned Parenthood, repeat targets for social conservatives, are not on this list….

Well, This Explains Boehner….

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But what about the rest of the bunch?  Never mind.

Jon Chait at TNR has it right, the Bitch thinks.

Having already taken what he knew to be a huge risk with minimal payoff by supporting the Ryan budget, what can we expect of Boehner during the debt ceiling debate? The market seems to be expecting that cooler heads will prevail. Why would he risk financial chaos? Isn’t he listening to business leaders? But within Boehner’s world, the riskiest move is to be seen as compromising the movement’s principles. When the negotiations tick down to the end, probably in August, Boehner may be thinking not of the guns pointed at the financial system but at the ones pointed at his back. [Emphasis added.]

Boehner has grasped what the Wall Street wing keeps shaking their heads over — the GOP has been subsumed by the ultra conservative wing allied with the Tea Party, and they despise the Wall Streeters.   If John Boehner wants to keep 1) his seat and 2) his job as Speaker, he knows he has to follow the ultras’ tune.  The question for the moment is, how far will the ultras push in order to wring concessions out of the Obama Administration?

The Girl Can’t Help Herself…

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Some things just must be commented upon…Rick Santorum tells talk-show host Hugh Hewitt that Senator John McCain, who as a Navy flier spent 5+ years in a Vietnam prison where he was tortured repeatedly, just doesn’t understand “enhanced interrogation,” that calm-sounding phrase that actually means torture.

Here is the fatal exchange:

HH: Now your former colleague, John McCain, said look, there’s no record, there’s no evidence here that these methods actually led to the capture or the killing of bin Laden. Do you disagree with that? Or do you think he’s got an argument?

RS: I don’t, everything I’ve read shows that we would not have gotten this information as to who this man was if it had not been gotten information from people who were subject to enhanced interrogation. And so this idea that we didn’t ask that question while Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was being waterboarded, he doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works. I mean, you break somebody, and after they’re broken, they become cooperative. And that’s when we got this information. And one thing led to another, and led to another, and that’s how we ended up with bin Laden. That seems to be clear from all the information I read. Maybe McCain has better information than I do, but from what I’ve seen, it seems pretty clear that but for these cooperative witnesses who were cooperative as a result of enhanced interrogations, we would not have gotten bin Laden.